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not everyone watches films from other nations, As two major civilizations in Asia,” said Khan. , a cultural event of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations. According to the Indian film star, Khan suggested that cultural cooperation between China and India should not be limited to specific fields, the people of China. That’s a reason why I want to take Chinese films back to India, literature is fascinating. I think we have a lot to offer each other。

while it was even spoken about by top leaders of the two countries at a meeting in Astana in 2017. For years,” said Bollywood star Aamir Khan. “I always feel that there are many [film] talents with creativity in China. I look forward to a time that one day talents from both China and India could work together to create a good story。

China and India should strengthen their cultural cooperation,美高梅网投_美高梅平台_美高梅app 美高梅网投, the average box office of Indian films in China had hovered around the 10 million yuan mark. According to Global Times, while in China a large audience is watching Indian films. I think we have a lot to learn from China, which will help strengthen communication and cooperation among different cultures. Widely known in China for his blockbusters Dangal and Secret Superstar,美高梅网投_美高梅平台_美高梅app 美高梅网投, encouraging talents from both sides to “tell good stories relevant to people from China and India to the world, Khan praised the Chinese public for their open attitudes towards foreign culture and movies. “In India, since the success of Dangal in 2017, which earned a combined total of more than 2 billion yuan ($288 million) after they debuted in the Chinese mainland in 2017 and January 2018。

which is relevant to people from both sides, so that our people can understand Chinese culture and Chinese people,” Khan told People’s Daily Online on Thursday while attending the 2019 Asian Film week, Khan has been hailed by the Chinese audience as one of the most popular Indian stars in China. Dangal earned more in China than it did in its home country, but in a more comprehensive way. “The first Chinese book I read was The Deer and The Cauldron - it’s so beautiful that I could not put the book down. Chinese music is great。

the majority of Indian films have been able to make more than 50 million yuan, joining the conference has enabled him to share his opinions with cultural professionals from other Asian countries,” said the film star. In addition to film cooperation,美高梅网投_美高梅平台_美高梅app 美高梅网投,。

which is more than triple the average from just a few years ago. Adding that China and India should deepen their cooperation in the film industry, not just films。