百美高梅app Held at the foot of the Great Wall on April 29

the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition showcases a huge collection of plants from different countries. The 162-day expo has attracted 110 countries and international organizations ,。

many countries have opened national pavilions,美高梅app美高梅平台, demonstrating their unique culture, encouraging people to have a sustainable life style. Visitors and performers from all over the world will enjoy this marvelous plant festival. 。

Held at the foot of the Great Wall on April 29,美高梅网投_美高梅平台_美高梅app 美高梅网投, marking the highest attendance in the expo's history. In addition to beautiful plants, as well as buildings featuring the idea of green development. Cutting-edge technologies such as 5G have also been used to promote environmentalism。